Gravity (2013) Movie Review

Gravity Large

A stunning portrayal of a tragic space voyage with astounding cinematography play.

Few months ago, I discovered the trailer of the movie Gravity that made me curious enough to watch it. Then the cinematic trailer came with a bang, and it did give me chills. A space tragedy it is.

I’ve got the chance to watch the film on IMAX 3D which expressed the film two times excitement and 3 times realistic feel. Alfonso Cuarón’s stellar movie about a tragic event happened in space, which stars two Academy Awards hall of famers; Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality) and George Clooney (The Descendants) in the attempts to escape the cosmic wilderness caused by an unforeseen chain of satellite misfortunes.

I was blown away by how difficult it was to create because of the accurate/perfected movement from things to the actors themselves. How detailed it was in the creative process. The depth of the movie was out of bounds affecting; which will give you the empathy of what it’s like in space plus a tragedy.

I loved Bullock’s performance! Her magnificent charm to channel fear and hopelessness in the movie was transparent. I root for her in the Academy next year for her stunning performance.

I love how fear and breathlessness came about, and due to that fact: for me, the infinite intergalactic scenery made me feel claustrophobic with limited bodily actions that make it feel heavy yet perfectly portrayed.

I also noticed the amazing cinematography Cuarón did. The angular modifications in perfect rotations especially on the scene where Dr. Ryan (Bullock) entered the shuttle and took off her suit then slept floating with the sun glimmering behind the transparent glass with the CGI tubes making her look like a big fetus. BRAVO to that!

The whole film was a mixture of struggle and art (story and cinematography play). I enjoyed watching every bit of the film, although the film was just a simple here and there; a struggle to survive, but the difficulty, style and portrayal were the winner of it all.


Story                                     –              8

Cinematography              –              10

Musical Score                    –              9

Acting                                   –              10

Direction                             –              10

Visual Effects (YES)           –              10

OVERALL                              –              9.5


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